Taco Cat Crop Top


The adorable palindrome! Taco Cat is another one of the originals with Cats.lol. She's an adorable kitty cat wearing a taco head piece! It isn't a real taco because according to physics, the taco shell would have shattered and the toppings would have spilled all over her. We don't want physics! We want Taco Cat to be cute, happy, and safe while she wears her taco head piece.

  • 100% 30/1 combed cotton
  • Form fitting
  • Made in the USA
  • Two colors: black and white
  • Bottom hem has an unfinished, raw edge

 Please be aware that it takes 2-5 days for order fulfillment and then an additional 2-5 days for shipping. Please allow 4-10 days before expecting your product's arrival.

Size guide

  S M L XL
Shirt width (chest) (inches) 15 ½ 16 ½ 17 ½ 18 ½
Shirt length (inches) 16 ½ 17 17 ¾ 18 ½